The Cross

The Cross.   The Centrality of the Cross. The cross of Christ is the center in many ways. Sacrificially, the cross is the center of two eternities, in that all of God’s purposes for His own glory and the blessing of man looked forward to it, and all that God has and will accomplish in the future is based upon it. There the foundation price was paid to take away the sin of the cosmos, and to preserve for eternity […]
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Matthew 27:27-66

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   The Crucifixion and Death of Christ Matthew 27:27-66      The Mocking of the Soldiers (vv.27-31) ¶ 27 Then the soldiers of the governor, having taken Jesus with them to the praetorium, gathered against him the whole band, v.27 During the feast days the Romans (Pilate) would bring down extra troops from Caesarea to Jerusalem to prevent a nationalistic riot. Pilate’s guard was now joined by “the whole band” of soldiers. When the soldiers take command of the situation, something comes out that was […]

John 3

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   Manifestation of the Son of God to meet Man’s Need John 3 – 12   Two main Divisions. This great section of John 3 – 12 can be further divided into two smaller divisions. First, the Lord Jesus is presented as the surpassing replacement for Judaism in John 3 – 7. Then, in John 8 – 12 we have a tremendous dispensational outline in which we get the Lord rejected by the nation, a remnant called out, the […]

John 12

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   Entry Into Jerusalem: Christ as Blesser of the Millennial Earth John 12   John 12. In this chapter, we have the closing events of the Lord’s public ministry. We find Him at one time in close fellowship with His loved ones, and at another time speaking publicly to Jews and Gentiles. We have, in a certain way, a final offer to accept Jesus as Messiah, and to believe on Him as the Sent one of the Father. It […]

John 13

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   The Upper Room Ministry: The Character of Christianity John 13 – 17   The Upper Room Ministry. John 12 closes our Lord’s public ministry. In John 13 – 17 we have the private discourse of our Lord with His disciples. This discourse took place after the Passover supper on the day before the cross. It was within the last 24-hours of the Lord’s life. In John 14:31, Jesus said “Arise, let us go hence”, indicating that ch.13-14 were […]

Philippians 2

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   Christ Our Pattern: Joy is a Result of Humility Philippians 2   Philippians 2 brings before us the graciousness of the Christian life. This quality is brought out by examples; Christ (vv.5-11) the supreme pattern, then Paul (vv.17-18), Timothy (vv.19-24) and Epaphroditus (vv.25-30). The great secret of collective unity is revealed: having a lowly mind as Christ did on earth. Philippians 2 presents Christ as a humble man on the earth, and Philippians 3 presents Christ in glory as […]


Satan’s Fall. It would appear that the original creation (Gen. 1:1) was committed to the hands of angels, over which Satan was the chief. It was an earthly paradise, called “Eden, the garden of God”. Satan was not a serpent then, but “the anointed covering cherub”, clothed with the reflected glories of God (Ezek. 28:14). But when unrighteousness was found in Satan, his heart lifted up because of his beauty, he was ejected from the angelic company (Ezek. 28:17), taking […]