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“El Elyon”, or the Most High God.

This name has the thought of the Possessor and Blesser of the universe. "Most High" is a name God takes in connection with men; setting Himself above all idolatrous gods, all demons and all earthly and angelic powers, as the "possessor of heaven and earth" (Gen. 14:19). The name "Most High God" is mentioned first in connection with Melchizedek, who is a type of Christ in His Millennial priesthood.1 God saw fit to force the greatest earthly monarch that has ever reigned (Nebuchadnezzar) to be "driven from the sons of men", to live like and animal... "till he knew that the most high God ruled in the kingdom of men, and that he appointeth over it whomsoever he will" (Dan. 5:21). God is "El Elyon" for all time, but this Name will be fully declared in the Millennium when the inheritance is taken by Christ. The name is found fifty-one times in the Old Testament. The Greek word for Most High is "Hupsistos".

  1. But "the most high God " — what is its force? Just this. When all other oracles are dumb, when every false god becomes, like Dagon, a fallen and dishonoured stump before the true ark and Him whose glory dwells there, then and then for the first time, since Satan foisted idol-worship into the world, shall every idol vanish out of it, and their worshippers be ashamed before the only true God. Then shall God have His place as "the most high God." - Kelly, W. Abraham, the Friend of God.
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