Related: Cleansing   Footwashing. The very first subject brought out in the upper room ministry (John 13 - 17) is footwashing, which represents the work of removing daily defilement for the maintenance of communion. It comes first before the rest of the upper room ministry, because we cannot enjoy Christ with defiled feet, so to speak. The subject is not entirely unique to John 13, but that is the most extensive treatment of it. It is important to see that […]
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John 13

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   The Upper Room Ministry: The Character of Christianity John 13 – 17   The Upper Room Ministry. John 12 closes our Lord’s public ministry. In John 13 – 17 we have the private discourse of our Lord with His disciples. This discourse took place after the Passover supper on the day before the cross. It was within the last 24-hours of the Lord’s life. In John 14:31, Jesus said “Arise, let us go hence”, indicating that ch.13-14 were […]