I’m working on compiling my notes and outlines, making a study bible. My plan is to add books as I finish them. A sample is shown below. The text in blue color is from the New Translation of J.N. Darby. An outline is contained on the first page. The outline is hyperlinked to the sections, and the “Outline” button in the header of each page is hyperlinked to the outline for each book. 
Bk ……….Takes you to the previous book of the Bible.
Sec ……….Takes you to the previous section of the current book.
Outline ……….Takes you to the homepage of the current book which contains an outline.
Sec ……….Takes you to the next section of the current book.
Bk ……….Takes you to the next book of the Bible.
Disclaimer: These notes have been recently transferred from another note-taking system and are rife with misspellings, grammatical issues, and formatting issues. Please understand that this is a work in progress. If you would like to help me with this, please contact me at
In Progress
Not Started