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The Lake of Fire

Main article: Millennium and Eternal State Related: The Abyss; The Intermediate State   The lake of fire is the eternal prison of the damned. When Satan fell, the lake of fire was "prepared for the devil and his angels" (Matt. 25:41). It was never intended for men, although sadly, the very first occupants will be men. […]
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Satan’s Fall. It would appear that the original creation (Gen. 1:1) was committed to the hands of angels, over which Satan was the chief. It was an earthly paradise, called “Eden, the garden of God”. Satan was not a serpent then, but “the anointed covering cherub”, clothed with the reflected glories of God (Ezek. 28:14). […]

Revelation 19:11 – 21:8

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   The Appearing through the Eternal State: 8 Visions Revelation 19:11 – 21:8   Eight Visions. The book of Revelation picks back up with the chronological progression. The events are given to us in a series of visions where John says “I SAW”, Rev. 19:11 – 21:8. These visions take us from the appearing of […]