Son of Man

Related: Son of David   The Son of Man. "Son of man" is a title Christ has in special connection with mankind; as either the rejected sufferer at the hands of mankind and on behalf of mankind as the one who assumes the responsibilities of the whole human race, or as exalted heir and head of all that God has purposed for mankind. The Old Testament spoke of a coming "Son of Man" that would reign over all creation and […]
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John 5

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   The Infirm Man: Jesus as Son of God vs. the Law John 5     Can the Law give healing? In the previous sign (healing of the nobleman’s son) we saw Israel as a nation “sick unto death”. The question arises, “we Jews have the law, isn’t that enough to give us life?” Even though the law brought blessing into the reach of man, yet the law required something of man, which man was not able to perform. It […]

John 12

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   Entry Into Jerusalem: Christ as Blesser of the Millennial Earth John 12   John 12. In this chapter, we have the closing events of the Lord’s public ministry. We find Him at one time in close fellowship with His loved ones, and at another time speaking publicly to Jews and Gentiles. We have, in a certain way, a final offer to accept Jesus as Messiah, and to believe on Him as the Sent one of the Father. It […]

Revelation 1

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   The Things Which Thou Hast Seen Revelation 1     Preface (vv.1-3) What is this book about? (vv.1-2) CHAPTER 1 ¶ Revelation of Jesus Christ, which (1) God gave to him, (2) to shew to his bondmen what must shortly take place; and (3) he signified it , sending by his angel, to his bondman John, v.1 The title of this book is not “the revelation of St. John”, rather it is “the revelation” (‘apokalupsis’ or, the appearing, unveiling) of […]

1 Corinthians 15

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   The Resurrection and Its Importance in Christianity 1 Corinthians 15   The resurrection. There is a progression of understanding through scripture with regard to the resurrection. Old Testament saints knew of a general resurrection, that is all (John 11:24). The resurrection was spoken of in the Old Testament, but not in great detail (see 1 Samuel 2:6; Job 19:25-27; Psalm 16:9,10; Psalm 17:15; and Daniel 12:2). When Christ came He presented something new, that there would be a “resurrection from among the […]