The Everlasting Gospel Encyclopedia

The Everlasting Gospel.

The "everlasting gospel" warns of coming judgment based on God’s power as Creator. God will at last intervene to deliver a world fallen into Satan’s hands through man's sin. It demands that men recognize and glorify God as Creator. It is called "everlasting" because it is a gospel that transcends dispensations.1

Read Rev. 14:6-7.
  1. Does the everlasting gospel require human preachers as do the gospel of the kingdom and the Christian gospel? Rev. 14:6 says that the everlasting gospel is something that an angel, flying in mid-heaven, will preach to the whole earth. Perhaps this means that the everlasting gospel, which has been preached since the fall of man, can be preached through the witness of creation. Romans 1:20 makes it clear that "from the world's creation the invisible things of him are perceived, being apprehended by the mind through the things that are made, both his eternal power and divinity". The Word of God is required for new birth according to John 3, but it may not necessarily be the written word; it may be through theophanies (like Cornelius, Acts 10:3, or this angel, Rev. 14:6), or possibly even the witness of creation. This gives us reason to hope for the millions who have lived in millennia past without access to the written Word of God.