– Creation and Fall Genesis 1 – 5
– The Creation Genesis 1:1 – 2:3
– Adam’s Twofold Headship: The Garden & The Woman Genesis 2:4-25
– Adam & Eve: The Fall of Man Genesis 3
– Cain & Abel: Two Approaches to God Genesis 4
– The Generations from Adam to Noah Genesis 5
– Judgment and Government Genesis 6 – 11
– The Corruption of the Earth and Election of Grace Genesis 6
– The Flood: the Judgment of the World Genesis 7 – 8
– Noah’s Commission and Failure Genesis 9
– Genesis of the Nations Genesis 10
– The Tower of Babel Genesis 11
– Calling and Promise Genesis 12 – 50
– Abraham: The Call of Faith Genesis 12:1 – 25:10
– Isaac: Earthly Pleasures vs. the Eyes of Faith Genesis 25:11 – 27:46
– Jacob: Trying to Fulfill God’s Blessing through the Flesh Genesis 27 – 36
– Joseph: The Purposes of God Fulfilled Genesis 37 – 50
The Seed-plot of the Bible. Almost every doctrine of scripture can be seen in Genesis in some basic form. Whether it be the creation (ch.1), the headship of man (ch.2), sin and Satan (ch.3), sacrifice (ch.4), judgment of the world (ch.6-8), government (ch.9), calling, election, promise, covenants, separation, resurrection, strangership, Millennial blessing (ch.12-35), or the exaltation of Christ (ch.37-50), all are found in Genesis. Whether it be the voice of God declaring the truth directly, or through typical teaching, we have a seed-plot for the whole Bible contained in the very first book! It is like the key to a map, the details of which are expanded on in subsequent parts of the Word of God.
Ten Generations. Genesis gives us the beginning of things, and the expression “generation” occurs often. There are ten generations mentioned in Genesis, all beginning with the words “the generations of…”. They are the following:
  1. Gen. 2:4 “the generations of the heavens and the earth”
  2. Gen. 5:1 “the generations of Adam”
  3. Gen. 6:9 “the generations of Noah”
  4. Gen. 10:1 “the generations of the sons of Noah”
  5. Gen. 11:10 “the generations of Shem”
  6. Gen. 11:27 “the generations of Terah”
  7. Gen. 25:12 “the generations of Ishmael”
  8. Gen. 25:19 “the generations of Isaac”
  9. Gen. 36:1 “the generations of Esau”
  10. Gen. 37:2 “the generations of Jacob”
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