– A Faithful Remnant: Moral Prerequisites for Divine Revelation (Hebrew) Daniel 1
– Introduction Daniel 1:1-2
– The Jews Brought into Favor with the King of Babylon Daniel 1:3-7
– The Faithful Remnant is Tempted with Defiling Association with Babylon Daniel 1:8-17
– Through Obedience the Faithful Remnant Becomes God’s Witness Daniel 1:18-21
– Prophetic Outline of the Times of the Gentiles (Aramaic) Daniel 2 – 7
– The Four-Part Image: Four Successive Empires with Deteriorating Power Daniel 2
– Historical Incidents which Show Moral Features of the Empires Daniel 3 – 6
– The Golden Image: Gentile Powers are Given over to Idolatry Daniel 3
– The King’s Pride: Gentile Powers are Given over to The Exaltation of Man Daniel 4
– A Drunken Feast: Gentile Powers are Given over to Debauchery Daniel 5
– Darius’ Law: Gentile Powers are given over to Apostasy: Taking God’s Place Daniel 6
– 1st Vision: Four Beasts or Successive Empires with Deteriorating Morality Daniel 7
– Circumstances of the Jews During the Times of the Gentiles (Hebrew) Daniel 8 – 12
– 2nd Vision: The Ram and the He-Goat: The Empires of Persia and Greece Daniel 8
– 3rd Vision: Prayer and Confession: The Resulting Revelation Daniel 9
– 4th Vision: Details from the Persian Era to the Reign of Christ Daniel 10 – 12
– Preparation for Divine Communications Daniel 10
– The King of the North, the King of the South, and the Antichrist Daniel 11
– The Great Tribulation Daniel 12
The Original Languages. From Daniel 1:1-2:3 the language employed is Hebrew. But then the prophet switches to Chaldee (or Aramaic) from Daniel 2:4 – ch.7. Then, from Daniel 8 – 12 he resumes with Hebrew. it is no coincidence that the Hebrew portions have to do with the Jewish remnant, and the Aramaic portions have primarily to do with gentile dominion.
Dreams and Visions. The first half of the book (ch.1-6) have to do with dreams and visions given to the Gentile monarchs, and the meaning of them. From ch. 7-12 we have dreams and visions that were given directly to Daniel.