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The Samaritans. The origin of the Samaritans is inseparably linked from the captivity of Israel, the ten northern tribes (2 Kings 17:7-41). Because the children of Israel had sinned, God cast them out of their land. They were taken captive by the king of Assyria and settled in various places, and they have not yet […]
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John 4

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   The Woman at the Well: Satisfaction, Worship and Service John 4     ContentsJesus Makes Room for John in Judea (4:1-3)The Woman at the Well: Christian Satisfaction and Worship (4:4-30)Service to the Father’s Will & It’s Connection with Satisfaction (4:31-38)“Two Days” in Samaria: The Period of Gentile Blessing (4:39-42)A Third Day in Cana […]