The Personal Beast

Main article: Key Players and Terms in Prophecy Related: Antichrist; Revived Roman Empire   The Personal Beast is a reference to the future leader of the Revived Roman Empire. He will come to power in the middle of Daniel’s 70th week, and he will reign for the last 3 1/2 years. We refer to this man as the "Personal" Beast to distinguish him from the empire he controls, which is also called the Beast. The two are very closely connected, […]
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Revelation 12 – 14

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   Added Details: The Judgment of Israel Revelation 12 – 14   Events that take place in the Middle of the Week. The middle of Daniel’s seventieth week is an important milestone in prophecy. It is referred to as “the midst of the week” in Daniel 9:27.  War in heaven, and Satan cast down to the earth (Rev. 12:9) False Church demolished by Roman Empire (Rev. 17:16) Transfer of Roman government to the Beast (Rev. 13:3) Tremendous upheaval in […]

Daniel 9

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   Prayer and Confession: The Resulting Revelation Daniel 9   Daniel 9. This chapter takes up the subject of Jerusalem; its place in the heart of God, the reasons for its fall, the timing of its rebuilding, and God’s purpose for it. Daniel, as a godly Jew, had an intense love for his homeland and the city (Psalm 137:5, 6), not because of fleshly nationalism, but because they were God’s people. Israel was set aside at this point as “Lo-ammi”, […]

Daniel 11

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   The King of the North, the King of the South, and the Antichrist Daniel 11     Historical Events in Connection with the Land of Israel (11:2-35) Objection. The greatest object raised by unbelievers against the Book of Daniel is that it must have been written after the events had taken place! A more accurate and precise account of Seleucid-Ptolemaic history is not found in any of the secular annals. This passage encourages us that we can rely […]