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Revived Roman Empire

Main article: Key Players and Terms in Prophecy Related: The Personal Beast; Antichrist   The revival of the Old Roman Empire is a common theme in prophecy. It is described clearly twice in Daniel and twice in Revelation: Daniel 2 (the "feet of iron mixed with clay") Daniel 7 (the "fourth beast" with "terrible iron […]
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Daniel 7

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   The Four Beasts: Successive Empires with Deteriorating Morality Daniel 7   Daniel 7 goes over “the habit of prophecy” four times, from the times of the gentiles until Christ is publicly glorified: v.1-14 vv.17-18 vv.19-22 vv.23-27    Contents1st Vision: The Four Beasts with Details of the First Three (7:1-6)2nd Vision: A Detailed Account […]