Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

O  U  T  L  I  N  E
- The Faithful Remnant: Moral Prerequisites for Devine Revelation (Hebrew) Daniel 1
    - Introduction Daniel 1:1-2
    - The Jews Brought into Favor with the King of Babylon Daniel 1:3-7
    - The Faithful Remnant is Tempted with Defiling Association with Babylon Daniel 1:8-17
    - Through Obedience the Faithful Remnant Becomes God's Witness Daniel 1:18-21
- Prophetic Outline of the Times of the Gentiles (Aramaic) Daniel 2 - 7
    - The Four-Part Image: Four Successive Empires with Deteriorating Power Daniel 2
    - Historical Incidents which Show Moral Features of the Empires Daniel 3 - 6
        - The Golden Image: Gentile Powers are Given over to Idolatry Daniel 3
        - The King’s Pride: Gentile Powers are Given over to The Exaltation of Man Daniel 4
        - A Drunken Feast: Gentile Powers are Given over to Debauchery Daniel 5
        - Darius’ Law: Gentile Powers are given over to Apostasy: Taking God’s Place Daniel 6
    - 1st Vision: Four Beasts or Successive Empires with Deteriorating Morality Daniel 7
- The Circumstances of the Jews During the Times of the Gentiles (Hebrew) Daniel 8 - 12
    - 2nd Vision: The Ram and the He-Goat: The Empires of Persia and Greece Daniel 8
    - 3rd Vision: Prayer and Confession: The Resulting Revelation Daniel 9
    - 4th Vision: Details from the Persian Era to the Reign of Christ Daniel 10 - 12
        - Preparation for Divine Communications Daniel 10
        - The King of the North, the King of the South, and the Antichrist Daniel 11
        - The Great Tribulation Daniel 12

The Original Languages. From Daniel 1:1-2:3 the language employed is hebrew. But then the prophet switches to Chaldee (or aramaic) from Daniel 2:4 – ch.7. Then, from Daniel 8 – 12 he resumes with Hebrew. it is no coincidence that the hebrew portions have to do with the jewish remant, and the aramaic portions have primarily to do with gentile dominion.