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Official Glory of Christ

Related: The Personal Glory of Christ; The Moral Glory of Christ; The Mediatorial Glory of Christ   The official glory of our Lord Jesus Christ is that which pertains to Christ in His messianic offices; as Prophet, Priest, and King. These glories were His by heirship. For instance, He was born King of Israel. He was born a Savior. But He […]
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Matthew 16 – 17

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   Coming Changes: the Assembly and the Millennium Matthew 16 – 17   Another Dispensational Outline. In ch.16-17 we have another dispensational outline. Ch.16, vv.1-12 Israel’s Rejection of the Messiah, the Sign of the Prophet Jonas Ch.16, vv.13-28 The Church to be built, the necessity of the death and resurrection of Christ Ch.17, vv.1-27 A […]