Romans 12 – 15:13

Practical Righteousness that Flows from Appreciating Our Portion
Romans 12 – 15:13
A new section in the book of Romans is before us. Notice that the doctrinal portion has preceded the practical application. There are two dangers if we reject the divine order: (1) that we would make applications without at proper understanding of the preceding doctrine, and (2) that we would forsake the practical application altogether, leaving the Word of God to languish as a merely theoretical discussion-piece. But in the New Testament epistles we get this beautiful order carried out, seen most clearly in those books that are primarily doctrinal:
Book Doctrinal Practical
Romans Ch.1-11 Ch.12-16
Ephesians Ch.1-3 Ch.4-6
Galatians Ch.1-4 Ch.5-6
Colossians Ch.1:1-2:19 Ch.2:20 – 4:18
Hebrews Ch.1:1-10:18 Ch.10:19-13:25
1 Peter Ch.1:1-12 Ch.1:13-5:14
1 John Ch.1:1-5:13 Ch.5:14-21
– Spiritual Conduct that Flows from Appreciating Our Full Salvation Romans 12
– Devotion & Separation to God as “Living Sacrifices” Romans 12:1-2
– Faith & Humility in Service as “One Body” yet with “Different Gifts” Romans 12:3-8
– Love & Generosity Toward “the Saints” Romans 12:9-13
– Honesty & Grace Toward “All Men” Romans 12:14-20
– Moral Conduct that Flows from Understanding Our Place in the World Romans 13
– Submission & Obedience to “the Powers That Be” Romans 13:1-7
– Testimony & Hope as “Lights” in a World of “Darkness” Romans 13:8-14
– Social Conduct that Flows from Having Grace in Our Christian Liberty Romans 14 – 15:13
– Carefulness not to Offend Ones that have More Strict Convictions Romans 14:1-5
– Remember: We Stand Individually Responsible to Christ the Lord Romans 14:6-12
– Remember: It is Possible to Stumble and Harm our Brother Romans 14:13-23
– Remember: The Spirit of Meekness Patterned for us by Christ Romans 15:1-7
– Remember: God has Purposed Jews and Gentiles to Be Blessed Together Romans 15:8-13