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The Body of Christ

Related: Baptism of the Spirit; The House of God; The Bride of Christ   The Body of Christ. The body of Christ is a figure used in the New Testament to describe the assembly of God. The body of Christ was formed on the Day of Pentecost, when the Spirit of God was sent down […]
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Ephesians 1

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   God’s Purpose for Christ and the Church Ephesians 1   Eternal ages shall declare The riches of Thy grace, To those who with Thy Son shall share A son’s eternal place.1   Ephesians 1 – 3. In the first part of Ephesians, we have God bringing us into His thoughts concerning Christ and the […]

Ephesians 2

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   God’s Work of Forming the Church Ephesians 2   Ephesians 2. The same power which raised up Christ and set Him at the right hand of God (ch.1) “from the graveyard to the glory” is now put forth on behalf of (and working in) those that believe in Him (ch.2). In ch.1 we […]

Ephesians 3

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   Parenthesis: The Mystery – Jew and Gentile in One Body Ephesians 3   The Ephesians 3 parenthesis. We can see that Eph. 3:1 and Eph. 4:1 start out very similarly. This strengthens the fact that Eph. 3:2-21 is a parenthesis! The purpose of ch.3 is to explain the apparent contradiction between the Old Testament promises and […]

Ephesians 4:1-16

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   1st Sphere: Walking Worthy in the Assembly: Unity and Ministry Ephesians 4:1-16   Walking Worthy. In v.1 Paul exhorts the Ephesians to walk worthy of the position, the hopes, and the relationships into which we have been called. There are three spheres that we need to “walk worthy” in, […]

1 Corinthians 12

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   The Nature and Use of Gifts in the Assembly 1 Corinthians 12 – 14   1 Corinthians 12 – 14. In these three chapters of the epistle, Paul takes up the exercise of gift in the assembly, and the principles that ought to regulate it. It is a continuation, in a sense, of ch.11 where […]