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Spiritual Blessings

Spiritual blessings “in Christ Jesus”. All of our distinctive Christian blessings are said to be “in Christ” (Eph. 1:3). We have them because of our standing before God. We cannot earn them; they are freely given to us by God! This is our spiritual inheritance. What are these blessings? Election (Eph. 1:4) Predestination (Eph. 1:5; Rom. 8:29) […]
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Ephesians 1

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   God’s Purpose for Christ and the Church Ephesians 1   Eternal ages shall declare The riches of Thy grace, To those who with Thy Son shall share A son’s eternal place.1   Ephesians 1 – 3. In the first part of Ephesians, we have God bringing us into His thoughts concerning Christ and the […]