Q&A: Baptism of the Holy Ghost

QWhich do you think is more accurate? The Baptism of the Spirit of God was a corporate act on the day of Pentecost that…

  1. was later extended to take in the Gentiles (Acts 10), or
  2. would never be repeated. Gentiles were added to the Church later as any other Christians down through the centuries.
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AFrom 1 Corinthians 12:13, we can say for sure that the baptism of the Spirit is connected with the formation of the Body of Christ. We also know from Acts 1:4-5 that the baptism with the Holy Ghost would occur in Jerusalem specifically (not Samaria or Caesarea). This points to the Baptism of the Spirit as a one-time event that took place on the Day of Pentecost.
As to what followed in Acts 10, I do not know of a scriptural basis to say the Gentiles were received into the body of Christ any differently than a person today (through believing the gospel), except for the fact that God was making a public introduction of the Gentiles. It was a special event in that sense, but it was not a repetition of the baptism of the Spirit.
“If the baptism of the Holy Ghost has taken place at Pentecost, does Scripture carry the thought that it is ever to be repeated? I believe distinctly not. The Holy Ghost has come, He is here. The baptism of the Spirit has been received, and there is, consequently, no fresh baptism to be looked for.” – W.T.P. Wolston

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