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1 Corinthians 8

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   Liberty & Responsibility with Regard to the Consciences of Others 1 Corinthians 8   1 Corinthians 8. The second out of at least four subjects the Corinthians had written to Paul about is that of things sacrificed to idols. The question was whether or not it was right for a Christian to eat food […]

Colossians 1

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   Introduction: Christ the Preeminent One Colossians 1   Colossians 1. In this chapter, Paul points the saints to the glory and preeminence of Christ. The danger they were faced with from the false teachers was of getting occupied with angels, rituals, and other false objects. Paul addresses these errors in ch.2, but before […]