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Matthew 7:1-6

Bk Sec Outline Sec Bk   Having a Right Focus in Connection with Social Things Matthew 7:1-6     ContentsAbuse of Judgment in Connection with Fellow Believers (7:1-5)Abuse of Grace in Connection with Unbelievers (7:6)  Abuse of Judgment in Connection with Fellow Believers (7:1-5) Offenses and perceived sin in our brethren (vv.1-5). Previously, the Lord had addressed persecution and offenses from the world, and with our enemies. […]

Matthew 23

The Pharisees stood in the highest public place as far as their religious knowledge and practices. The Lord knew that from a religious standpoint, the Pharisees were driving the nation. The most severe pronouncements in the Lord’s public ministry are reserved for this class… the most privileged.