Mediatorial Glory of Christ Encyclopedia

The mediatorial glory of Christ is that glory which He acquired through humiliation, suffering, and death. He has perfectly glorified God as to the question of sin, and now God has glorified Christ “in Himself”. As the expiator of sin, as the fulfiller of God’s purpose in creating mankind in the first place, Christ has now been glorified in heaven. He has been invested with these glories in the heavenly sphere now, but this glory is but a token of the future manifestation which will include earth as well. The entire universe will be placed under the feet of a man! We see not yet all things put under his feet, but we can look up by faith and see the token of it. He sits on His Father’s throne today, but soon He will take His own throne. Some of Christ’s mediatorial glories are His glories as:
  • The One who glorified God (John 13:31-32, 17:4)
  • The Exalted man (Hebrews 2, Ephesians 1, Phil. 2)
  • The Cleanser of the Cosmos (Lamb of God, John 1:29)
  • The Exclusive Judge of all men (John 5)
  • The Restorer of God’s blessing on the earth (John 1:51)
  • The Glory in the Church (Eph. 3:21)