Q&A: Baptism of the Holy Ghost

QWhich do you think is more accurate? (1) the Baptism of the Spirit of God was a corporate act on the day of Pentecost that was extended to take in the Gentiles (Acts 10), or (2) the Baptism of the Spirit of God was a corporate act that happened on the day of Pentecost that would never be repeated.  Gentiles were added later as any other Christians have ever since that day.

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AFrom the scriptures all I can say for sure is that the baptism of the Spirit is connected with the formation of the body (1 Corinthians 12:13), and we know from Acts 1:4-5 that the baptism with the Holy Ghost would occur in Jerusalem (not Samaria or Caesarea). So I would say the Baptism of the Spirit was a one-time event at Pentecost.
As to what followed in Acts 10 I can’t find scriptural basis to say that they were received any differently than you or me except for the plain fact that God was making a public introduction of the Gentiles.
“If the baptism of the Holy Ghost has taken place at Pentecost, does Scripture carry the thought that it is ever to be repeated? I believe distinctly not. The Holy Ghost has come, He is here. The baptism of the Spirit has been received, and there is, consequently, no fresh baptism to be looked for.” – W.T.P. Wolston
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