Canaan and the Armor of God

Canaan speaks of the Christian’s position in the heavenly places, and the warfare that is connected with it.

Conditional Security

A dangerous and unscriptural teaching that affects many aspects of Christian life.


How can I get deliverance from the power of indwelling sin?

Dispensational Truth

The line of truth called “dispensational truth” encompasses the steps God takes to unfold His counsels, and accomplish His ultimate purpose.

Egypt and the Passover

The Passover speaks of the way a believer takes refuge in the work of Christ, to be shielded from God’s judgment against sin.

Egypt to Canaan

Typical teaching from Israel’s journey from Egypt to Canaan.

Elements of Dispensational Truth

Several great principles of the Word of God that undergird and frame what can be called “dispensational truth”. Part 1 of a three-part series on Dispensational Truth.

Last Day Recovery

Refuting the idea of a universal recovery of the Church in the last day.

Names of God

A third lecture in a seven part series on the Godhead.

Prophetic Events

Prophecy discloses the steps by which God is going to glorify His Son in this earth!

The Jordan

The Jordan speaks of our death and resurrection with Christ.

The Ordinance of Baptism

The subject of Baptism is important for all Christians to understand. Sadly, many Christians don’t have an understanding of baptism and what it represents. Much of the confusion is due to man’s ideas being brought into the Church and into Christian teaching.

The Prophetic Week

The seventieth week of Daniel unfolded; also known as “the tribulation”.

The Red Sea

The Red Sea pictures Christ’s death and resurrection for us.

The Sufferings of Christ

An introduction to “the sufferings of Christ”, looking at the moral, sympathetic, official, interpersonal, martyrdom, anticipative, and atoning aspects of His sufferings, and noting the differences between sufferings at the hands of men and of God.

The Trinity

A second lecture in a seven part series on the Godhead.

The Wilderness Experience

The wilderness experience is that aspect of our Christian life in which we learn to depend fully on God.