Official Glory of Christ Encyclopedia

The official glory of our Lord Jesus Christ is that which pertains to Christ in His messianic offices; as Prophet, Priest, and King. These glories were His by heirship. For instance, He was born King of Israel. He was born a Savior. But He veiled these glories in flesh. He was the King, but he did not come as the King. He was born in a manger, lived in Galilee, etc. and was rejected. These glories will be made good in the Millennium, but in order to be the Savior of Israel, He had to accomplish redemption first.
There are three Old Testament offices that required anointing: the prophet, the priest, and the king. In connection with each of these, the scriptures foretell One who would come as the fulfillment of these offices. The name of Messiah, or Christ (John 1) means “Anointed One”. The Son of God, come into this world as a man, is “the Christ”.