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Corporate Election. A clever denial of sovereign election has emerged and recently grown in popularity. The argument is intended to deny individual election by twisting the scriptures to support a different kind of election. Supporters of corporate election have found a convenient way to dispose of Eph. 1:4 and other verses that are crystal clear on the subject of election. They hold that God made the choice "in him" (that is, "in Christ"). In other words, they believe Christ is the principal elected one, and the Church is elect because it is in Christ and He is elect. They believe God has chosen a corporate body to be included "in Him". They deny the individuality of "us". However, this runs contrary to the plain use of the word "us" in the context of this chapter. For instance, if "us" is corporate only, then our standing in grace (v.6) is conditional also on our believing. Furthermore, it comes from failing to see that our standing "in Christ" is as individuals; the Church as a corporate body is never said to be "in Christ". See note on 1 Peter 5:13.