The Coming Prince Encyclopedia

The coming prince is mentioned only twice in scripture. He is mentioned in Daniel 9, as the prince of the people who destroyed Jerusalem. Which people destroyed Jerusalem? The Romans, in A.D. 70. This man will be the political leader of the revived Roman Empire. 
"And he shall confirm a covenant with the many for one week;" Daniel 9:27
He will be instrumental getting a treaty or "covenant" online between his people (Rome) and "the many", which refers to the Jews. This covenant will undoubtedly be a covenant of protection, referred to in Isaiah 28:15 as "a covenant with death, and with hell". The apostate nation of Israel will happily enter this covenant to protect them from "the overflowing scourge" (the King of the North) which they know "shall pass through".
The seventh king. The tenure of this "coming prince" is very short... only 3 1/2 years. We read of this leader, called the "seventh king" (Rev. 17:10);
"and when he comes he must remain only a little while" Revelation 17:10
Evidently, when the great upheaval occurs at the middle of the week, he is either killed or deposed so that the Personal Beast can take his office.