Baptism Encyclopedia

Baptism (baptisma) simply means “to dip, or submerge.” The word is used many times in scripture, in several different contexts. The Baptism of the Spirit is a reference to the formation of the Church on the Day of Pentecost (1 Cor. 12:13). Water baptism is a ceremony that is performed by submerging a person in water. There are two types of water baptism mentioned in scripture, (1) the baptism of John and (2) Christian baptism (see Acts 19:3-4). In both types of baptism there are common attributes.
  • Baptism involves passing a person under water
  • Baptism speaks of death
  • Baptism disconnects you with something OLD
  • Baptism is “unto” or “in view of” something NEW
  • Baptism puts you in the place of a disciple
  • Baptism puts you into a new testimony
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