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The King of the North

The King of the North is a biblical reference to the future leader of the Eastern Confederacy. He is connected with a king from even farther north, with whom he has an alliance. That is Gog, prince of Russia. Together, these two kings and their confederacies compose a great enemy of Israel known as the Assyrian.

The scripture speaks more about the Assyrian (the King of the North) than about either the Beast or Antichrist! He is always described as the great foe of the Jews in the last days.

Figures applied to the King of the North:
  • A “Whirlwind” (Dan. 11:40b-42). 
  • The “Overflowing Scourge” (Isa. 28:15-18) 
  • The “Bee that is in the land of Assyria” (Isa. 7:18) 
  • The coming “Wolf” (John 10:12) 
  • The “wild boar” out of the woods (Psa. 80:8-16) 
  • A “Forest fire” (Zech. 11:1-3).
Five names of the King of the North:
  1. The Assyrian (Isaiah 14:25) 
  2. The King of the North (Daniel 11:40) 
  3. The Desolator (Daniel 9:27) 
  4. The Exacter (Zechariah 9:8) 
  5. The King of Bold Countenance (Daniel 8:23)