Church History

Our purpose is to have a series of lectures on the history of the Church of God. Lord Willing, these lectures will cover the years from A.D. 29 to the present. The table below will contain the links to the lecture recordings as they become available. Thanks!

 No.  Section  Title Years A.D. Link
 01  Introduction  What is the Church?
 02  Overview  The Seven Golden Candlesticks - Part 1 67 - 580 video
 02  Overview  The Seven Golden Candlesticks - Part 2  580 - 2017 video
 03   The 1st Century  Pentecost to Claudius  29 - 53  
 04  The 1st Century  Nero to the Fall of Jerusalem  54 - 70  
 05  The 1st Century  Vespasian to the Death of John  71 - 99  

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