Charts and Diagrams

Here are several charts and diagrams that I have authored on different subjects. Feel free to e-mail me with questions:

Title Description Date
Judgment of the Quick and the Dead A chart showing the Judgments of the "Quick" and the "Dead", on a timeline. Warrior and sessional judgments are also distinguished.  October 18, 2017 
Ages, Worlds, and Dispensational Days A chart showing the Ages of Time, Peter's Three Worlds, and the Three Dispensational Days  May 25, 2017 
Dispensational Periods and Principles  A chart showing not only the three major dispensational periods but the dispensational principles that apply November 7, 2016 
Egypt to Canaan Chronologically Experienced Israel's journey from Egypt to Canaan experienced chronologically by the individual believer November 1, 2011
Helpful Illustrations on Romans An outline presented at Vestal YP Weekend 2011  March 12, 2011 
Quickening-Sealing Cartoon Illustrating the little understood difference between quickening and sealing of the Spirit  May 2, 2011 
Revelation Chronologically Arranged An outline of the Book of Revelation arranged in chronological order. May 27, 2016
The Christian's Menu What do we as Christians feed on?  July 2, 2015
The Kingdom of Heaven A chart showing the Kingdom of Heaven in its two great phases. November 2, 2016 
The Olive Tree of Promise Paul uses an olive tree as an illustration of God's dispensational ways with Jews and Gentiles April 20, 2017 
Three Spheres of Eph. 4   An illustration of the scriptural ground of gathering September 21, 2012 
Ye are Fallen from Grace   Illustrating the folly of legalism May 1, 2015