Doctrinal: The Son supersedes failed Judaism in every way (Life)
John 3 - 12
Two main Divisions. This great section of John 3 – 12 can be further divided into two smaller divisions. First, the Lord Jesus is presented as the surpassing replacement for Judaism in John 3 – 7. Then, in John 8 – 12 we have a tremendous dispensational outline in which we get the Lord rejected by the nation, a remnant called out, the resurrection of Israel, and the Gentiles blessed in the Millennium.
  • Doctrinal (John 3  7). The first five chapters in this section take up principles relating to new birth and salvation. The theme is the greatness of the Person of the Son in contrast with Judaism.
    • John 3 – Lesson: no teaching of the Law is sufficient to reform the first man; all must be born again!
    • John 4 – Lesson: natural religion is unable to satisfy the human heart and produce true worship. Christ is sufficient for both!
    • John 5 – Lesson: the law is utterly futile to meet man’s need. The sovereign grace of the Son of God can meet that need!
    • John 6 – Lesson: natural man is incapable of living without an object. The Son of man is presented to be the object of faith!
    • John 7 – Lesson: man’s religion is unable to bless. The Son's promised return to the Father and sending of the Holy Spirit makes believers into channels of blessing!
  • Dispensational (John 8 – 12). The following chapters do not cease to be profoundly doctrinal, but while they continue to develop the doctrine, they also take on dispensational overtones.
    • John 8 – Lesson: the Son had come as the light of the world, but was rejected by the religious leaders in Jerusalem.
    • John 9 – Lesson: the Son undertakes to open the eyes of a remnant, who are cast out by the corrupt system.
    • John 10 – Lesson: the Son becomes the gathering center for that faithful remnant, which would later become the assembly!
    • John 11 – Lesson: the Son has the resurrection power to raise Israel up from national death! This is something the Law could never do.
    • John 12 – Lesson: the kingdom will be established, the Gentiles will be blessed, and the Son will see the fruit of His travail!
O  U  T  L  I  N  E
- Manifestation of the Son of God to meet Man’s Need John 3 – 12
   - Doctrinal: The Son supersedes failed Judaism in every way (life) John 3 – 7
         - Nicodemus: Man's Spiritual Condition, New Birth, and Eternal Life John 3
         - The Woman at the Well: Christian Satisfaction, Worship and Service John 4:1-42
         - The Nobleman’s Son: Grace to the Faithful Jewish Remnant John 4:43-54
         - The Infirm Man: Jesus as Son of God vs. the Law  John 5
         - The Feeding of the Five-Thousand: Jesus as Son of Man vs. the Manna  John 6
         - Feast of Tabernacles: Jesus as the Perfect Servant vs. Worldly Glory John 7
   - Dispensational: The Rejected Son is the Only Hope of Blessing (Light) John 8 – 12
         - An Adulterous Woman: Jesus as Light of the World Rejected by Israel John 8
         - Healing a blind man: Jesus as Light of the World awakens a remnant John 9
         - The Door & the Good Shepherd: Christ becomes the Gathering Center John 10
         - Raising of Lazarus: Jesus as Resurrection & Life, Israel’s Restoration John 11
         - Entry Into Jerusalem: Christ as Blesser of the Millennial Earth John 12