Here are several articles that I have written on different subjects. Feel free to e-mail me with questions:

Title Description Date
The Trinity  A second lecture in a five part series on the Godhead.  March 19, 2017 
The Ground of Gathering What is the scriptural basis for Christians to meet together collectively?  February 21, 2017 
God's Essential Character  A first lecture in a five part series on the Godhead.  February 5, 2017 
Dispensations  A comprehensive framework of biblical understanding.  November 22, 2016 
Deliverance from Sin  Deliverance from the power of indwelling sin.  May 14, 2016 
Forgiveness  Looked at in five aspects.  December 1, 2015 
Spiritual Food  We speak often of food for our souls, but what is that food?  July 1, 2015 
Baptism  What is Baptism? What about household baptism?  January 1, 2015 
Egypt to Canaan  Typical teaching from Israel's journey from Egypt to Canaan.  September 1, 2014 
Seven Feasts of Jehovah An outline of God's ways with Christians and with the Nation of Israel.  February 1, 2014 
Righteousness of God  What is Righteousness? What is the Righteousness of God?  May 1, 2013 
Conditional Security  A dangerous and unscriptural teaching that affects every aspect of Christian life  September 1, 2011 
Last Day Recovery  Refuting the idea of a universal recovery of the Church in the last day  October 1, 2010